Tiny Mix Tapes: Eve Essex Live at Harlekin, Berlin


Multidisciplinary artist Eve Essex speaks through her saxophone in a pointillistic vocabulary; wild colors and quick sound-strokes run erratically over a hovering tonality always subtly lingering in the background. Her playing grows into gnarled, fragile forms that take the shape of a riff blast or pointed sax-glitch, tones that abstract themselves in a way not […]

Listening Room Mix for ALLGOLD/PS1 Printshop

1. LOUP, Ode to S (x Human Boys synth)
2. Essex Olivares, Office Riddim
3. The Screamers, 122 Hours of Fear
4. Jooklo Duo & C Spencer Yeh, Set the Fire
5. Harry Partch, Yankee Doodle Fantasy
6. Eve Essex
7. Dan Fox, Moonlighting
8. Goblin, Oblio
9. Eve Essex & Dan Fox
10. Akio Suzuki, K7
11. Eve Essex
12. Conrad Schnitzler, Coto
13. Aby Ngana, Diop
14. The Homosexuals, Mecho Madness
15. Eve Essex
16. Blue Gene Tyranny, Leading a Double Life